opening the window – QUADRIFOLIAE

opening the window

Looking out the window, we realize that it is to Asia that most companies turn to sustain their production needs. We, more than in Europe, want the supply of raw materials and the manufacture of our products to be (proudly) Portuguese.

From raw materials and accessories to wrapping paper, yarn, and sewing threads, we acquire everything from our compatriots.

The designs, the molds, and the cuts are made by the creator himself. The sewing, only that, we pass onto those who work with sewing machines: Portuguese people, of course!

The products are double-checked by our own hands before being shipped tothose who acquire them. The packaging is done with the time that any wrapping requires when it is performed with care, respect, and commitment.

In this, we feel freedom. The freedom to do the things we feel right. In this, we find meaning. The sense of responsibility and coherence to write a story with meaning in time and space.

what is our commitment?

We believe in respect and authenticity as life’s path to excellence. This is our guiding principle towards customers and suppliers.

Our collections are designed with Nature in mind, and without any kind of animal immolation; they are made for long periods of use and duration. Hence, transparency is the combined imperative in the search for the origin and the composition of materials.

Success and well-being are our objectives. We put the effort into it by starting from within, i.e., wanting everything to be done right, so our commitment is the lofty truth. For us, for everyone.