who are we? – QUADRIFOLIAE

who are we?


The project’s proponent and mentor is a talent waster. Meticulous, detailed down to the smallest detail, a silent accumulator of knowledge, the Present wanted to give him a new path to follow.

A foodie, sparse in the use of words yet bearer of a remarkable sense of humor, apparently distracted, he is endowed with a consistent and stubborn desire to achieve what he sets out to do.

Balancing the ability to think and the ability to materialize, it is from his hands that all the designs (of our ranges) are born.

[smart, innovative, meticulous, he is intolerant to stupidity!]



Freedom, pleasure, relaxation, and reflection, together with communication and management, are features that characterize the only female member of the team. Organized and methodical, due to training and genetics, the practical sense is, however, not new to her.

From the flexibility she gets from mat practices, she life an equivalent elasticity, presenting herself with a great sense of adaptation, and asserting herself with boldness and courage.

Through training, she crossed paths with men who contributed inescapably to the journey of Humanity. Of them, she became a lover. This gave meaning to the “animations” found on the T-shirt’s collection. 

[authentic, sensitive, demanding, she abhors lies and waste!]



Cheerful and devoted, the youngest of the group has within him the  curiosity and determination to explore the world…

Skater and regular practitioner of other sports in his free time, faithful to his friends, and an attentive critic about subjects that are dear to him, he remains alert and proactive when acquiring new skills and knowledge.

We rely on  him for the implementation and maintenance of some digital tools, whilst  listening to him in taste and aesthetics, in content and in form.

[determined, rational, impulsive, he is allergic to injustice!]