reason of being

Firstly, it was the communication… for the necessary reconquest, experimenting different declensions… this started as an unlikely story…

Quadrifoliae as it alludes to the clover. [4-leaf] clover because she established the luck for both, some time ago, during the beginning of this improbable and bucolic story. The name, in Latin, aggregates several declensions of the adjective quadrifolius: the nominative (of the subject), the genitive (of the possession), the dative (indirect compliment), and the vocative (used to call or invoke); all  of which are tools used in the process… in Latin because it is the foundation of our mother tongue and is also written using declensions.
An additional gaze was called to join the two. Of similar  aesthetics – youthful and demanding – with imperative complicity of interests and motivations, we gained dispassionate and firm criticism, thus forming the hard core of the project.

The clover  i.e. the luck, is  the epicenter of the circumference (geometric figure , curved and flat, whose points are perfectly equidistant  from its  center) embraced by Quadrifoliae. At the bottom, the space is filled with three asterisks, that represent  each of the elements involved in this project.

The  green goes beyond the color of the clover as it conveys the connection established between the team and all forms of nature. The asterisks’ dark red expresses elegance, refinement, and sophistication, and refers to the dynamics we want to see underlined in each of our customers.

As the basis for the logo, we chose a noble and truly Portuguese raw material: cork.

From the city to the mountains, from the mountains to the plains, to use both inland and on the coast, revisiting contemporary content or going back to times of distant, yet up-to-date, memories, the collections  will present themselves as parts of dialogues with hints of freedom, pleasure, relaxation, and reflection…

That's Quadrifoliae : a brand that unites interests and that refracts the knowledge, sensitivity, life positioning…  the look inside our eyes.

Assuming their modus faciendi, the three are passionate about animals. This is the reason why you will not find in our products any material that comes from animal sacrifice.

of choices

Despite the different experiences and years of life, one of the dynamic vehicles that unites the team is the awareness of Nature’s importance. 

Lovers of different landscapes, we are enchanted by the relationship with both the mountains and the sea, and when departing for any destination, we especially value the journey’s route… the path.

Quadrifoliae’s path is outlined based on one single focus: serving the visual field, but also the user’s confidence, at work or at leisure  time, always with the conviction  of those who "wear" accessories made out of natural fibers, in Portuguese factories, and where Made in Portugal does justice to the entire process. Hence, Quadrifoliae’s extended path…

On this long path, we equipped ourselves with backpacks and t-shirts, and, with these collections, the journey began.