Terms of service

Quadrifoliae is a registered trademark at the National Institute of Industrial Property under no.673736, with a registered office in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

General provisions

This document contains the rights and obligations of all customers and Quadrifoliae regarding the products offered on this website or any other to which there is a hyperlink.

Before placing your order, we advise you to read these terms and conditions and, if you do not agree, you should refrain from proceeding with the order.


To place an order, the online purchase process must be followed.

The order constitutes a purchase proposal of one or more of our products.

Any order is subject to acceptance by Quadrifoliae, who will always confirm it by email to the user (Order Confirmation).

The order confirmation will be followed by another email to inform of the product’s shipment.

If the order is not accepted after the debit from the user’s account, the respective amount will be fully refunded.

The purchase and sale agreement between Quadrifoliae and the customer (Contract) is only finalized with the communication of the Shipping Confirmation. The Agreement only covers the products mentioned in the Shipping Confirmation. The Merchant is under no obligation to supply any other products that may be contained in the order until the shipment is covered by another Shipment Confirmation.

Quadrifoliae is not to be held responsible by the user or third parties for the removal of any product presented on this website, for the alteration or elimination of any materials or contents of this website, or for any refusal to complete the processing or acceptance of any order that has had only the confirmation order sent.

Right of termination

Any customer who contracts as a consumer can freely terminate the contract within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product. In this case, the user will be fully refunded for the amount paid, in accordance with the provisions of the Return Conditions (See Returns).

Prices and payments

Prices shown on this website include VAT (where applicable) but do not include shipping charges which are added to the final price. Please note: free shipping to Mainland Portugal and Isles on purchases over 80€.

Except in the case of an obvious error, the price of products is shown at any time on our website. Although Quadrifoliae makes every effort to ensure that all prices indicated on the website are correct, errors may occur.

If Quadrifoliae recognizes that the price of a product in an order is wrong, it will inform the customer as soon as possible, requesting the reconfirmation of the order with the correct price or its cancellation. If the user cannot be contacted, the order is considered to have been cancelled and the total amount of the order will be refunded immediately if it has already been paid.

Quadrifoliae is under no obligation to supply any product at an incorrect price (if lower), even if a Shipment Confirmation has already been sent, if the error is obvious, unambiguous, and should have been noticed by the user in reasonable circumstances.

All prices and available quantities can be changed at any time, however, this change does not affect orders for which there has already been a Shipment Confirmation, except in the aforementioned cases.

Quadrifoliae reserves the right to refuse large orders: in quantity and value.

Payment methods

Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility – with the exception of Mainland Portugal and Isles on purchases over 80€ – as well as all import expenses and taxes generated by the customs authority of the destination, whether you receive the goods or not.

Quadrifoliae will do its best to send the order in the shortest possible time, but the address must take into account the provisions of the country of destination for the importation of the requested items, without any liability on the part of Quadrifoliae. Likewise, effects of strikes, war conflicts or other circumstances beyond Quadrifoliae's control cannot be attributed to it.

Order delivery

Once a shipping confirmation has been sent, the product will be delivered to the address indicated by the user at the time of the order, with an estimated delivery time of 5 (five) working days after leaving Quadrifoliae's deposit.

Quadrifoliae assumes no responsibility when the delivery of the product is not made due to false, inaccurate, or incomplete user data,  or due to reasons out of the carrier’s control, such as the absence of the user in the delivery destination or the retention of the parcel at customs. In case of doubt, the customer should always contact Quadrifoliae via email quadrifoliae@gmail.com to receive more details and instructions.

Liability and exclusions

From the moment of delivery, all risks relating to the products supplied will be the responsibility of the user. Ownership of the products supplied will only be transferred to the user when Quadrifoliae receives full payment of the amount due for their respective supply, including shipping costs or after delivery, whichever occurs later. Quadrifoliae's liability about any product purchased through this website is exclusively limited to the respective purchase price. Furthermore, the customer is solely responsible for any customs charges, fees, and procedures, or limitations on the purchase of specific goods arising from the legal frameworks and codes of conduct of their country of residence.

Comprehensive agreement

These Terms and Conditions and any document mentioned herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties to create a contract and supersede any previous agreement or arrangement, written or oral. Both parties acknowledge this, neither has based its respective decision on a statement, commitment or promise made by the other, or that could be implied in anything that had been said or written in negotiations prior to the contract unless arising out of these Terms and Conditions.